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The Chick Challenge

15 January 2011

Sorry for the long time but at least we have updated the winner gallery with the results of the International Jury. Click on the "Gallery" link and admire the winners of this wonderful edition of the Chick Challenge.. and start to paint some new entries for the next one ;)
Thank you all!

31 December 2010

So we are, just after Christmas and waiting for the New Year with the Chick Challenge Winners. We have just updated the Gallery section with the results of the Popular Jury votes and just after the holydays we'll add also the International Jury results.
Speaking for all the Legio Pictorum and the Chick Challenge Staff I have to thanks everyone that send the pictures and the votes, we have had some tecnical problems and many delays but you all have been so patient and with your support we have many nicely painted chicks in this contest.
Thank you all!
Happy new year 2011!

10 December 2010

At least everything is ready, pictures are online, the rules have been updated anc checked and we are ready to count the votes.

Voting starts from Saturday 11 December to Sunday 19 December (included)

In the rules page you can download the voting table and may the best miniature win!

1 December 2010

Hello painters,
after a long time without an update, here we are agin talking about the Chick Challenge: first of all we should apologize with you all because we were silent for so long time. Unfortunately we have had technical and personal problems that kept us away from updating the site as we were wishing.
But time passes and we got to the deadline of the contest!
Therefore, due to our duties, troubles and lack of presence, we have decided do postpone the end of the contest till December 5 2010.
This will allow us to have more time for updating the miniatures you sent us already and to give to whom could not finish on time, to finish, and to whom who did not even start, well, give a try!
apologies especially to those of you who did rush at the last moment, but plsase consider that they would not be useless because once done it's done!
Sharp your brushes if you did not do it already and send your miniatures, we committ to update the gallery with the appropriate frequency!
Happy Contest to you all!

May 1 2010

Ok, we finally arrive to the third Edition of the Chick Challenge. We are learning from each Edition how to make it always better and the Organization more efficient. But the most important thing is that we are here again. The website is going to chaqnge the skin, so stay tuned and get back here the meanwhile let's open the contest. Please go to the rules section and look at them and read about the categories so you can enter your miniatures in the right place.
There are new things in our contest as of this you want to know which ones? oooook....
First, we will accept the minis that are new as of 1st of january 2010, so if y ou have done something after that date, you can enter the mini. Second, no need to enter the miniature anonimously, so you don't need to hide yourseld for months...Third, in the meanwhile you can enter your miniatures to as many contests you wish, online and in real...Cool uh? we want thousand of miniatures this year, so, point your brushes and start!

Legio Pictorum Team

female with gun

The Legio Pictorum is a large Painters' Community, that in time (it was founded in Nov 2005) made a large number of Italian Painters to grow in their skill, but also allowed them to establish interesting and deep friendships. Many newcomers found the Forum a nice place where to talk about miniatures with no constrains and on top of that, a place where to learn painting techniques from some of the best painters in the Italian panorama.
Please contact DragonPaint for anything related to the Chick Challenge website and Franciuus for any Forum's related info you might need.