Pictures from the Current Edition


Pier Paolo "K'Dar" Cedaro

Tizia in armatura
Fimo/Green stuff
A - 01 - B, C
Fabio "Raysor'g" Cornaz

Super Sculpey, 17mm
A - 02 - B, C

Legio Pictorum Team

female with gun

The Legio Pictorum is a large Painters' Community, that in time (it was founded in Nov 2005) made a large number of Italian Painters to grow in their skill, but also allowed them to establish interesting and deep friendships. Many newcomers found the Forum a nice place where to talk about miniatures with no constrains and on top of that, a place where to learn painting techniques from some of the best painters in the Italian panorama.
Please contact DragonPaint for anything related to the Chick Challenge website and Franciuus for any Forum's related info you might need.